Neuropsychological evaluation is used to assist psychiatrists, neurologists, speech therapists, teaching and language specialists, in the evaluation of the intelectual and mental state of people who are not performing up to what is expected of them. It is capable of establishing the actual capacity of a given person, and the definition of whether that person is a genius. We use specific batteries of tests to approach different problems to allow professionals involved in the advice of these people to draw programs of rehabilitation or to recommend routes of development of a person’s potential in the case of people with special gifts. Results allow an improved comprehension of how the individual may use his or her capabilities in daily situations. The results come in a report similar to those of other exames in the medical field, and need to be interpreted by physicians with knowledge in the area, juslt like any medical tests. Individual psychotherapy sessions last 50 minutes and may take place daily or at intervals decided by the patient in agreement with the therapist. The form of therapy depends on the problem the person brings to the clinic. Usually it is best to start with an interview with the neurologist, who will make a diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate format of therapy in conference with the patient and the psychologist.

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