clitoris and vagina are represented in the genital brain

Clitoris and vagina in the genital brain

Brain control of the clitoris and vagina, as well as of the nipple, was not known in detail until a decade ago. Komisaruk and colleagues at the Psychology Department of Rutgers University, in Newark, New Jersey, USA, established what they called the genital sensory cortex in women. Komisaruk BR, Wise N, Frangos E, Liu W‐C, […]

The bottom line on healthy diet and habits

healthy diet and habits

Presumably people would aquire a healthy diet and habits in order to live free of disease or disability for a longer time. That is the case in the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea and in Japan, according to very reliable statistics and epidemiology over the past 20 years. In these regions people are living […]

Body mass index, blood pressure and stroke

stroke and body mass index

Stroke and body mass index have been known to be related for at least a few decades, as the relationship of obesity and stroke became more and more clear in epidemiological studies. The mechanism that links stroke and obesity is the metabolic syndrome. In summary this is a clinical picture that happens when people eat […]

Regeneration and chemotherapy leads to rejuvenation

Rett syndrome

Some 10 years ago we were first surprised by the link between regeneration and chemotherapy. Along with my team, I first realized patients displayed signs of rejuvenation after high dose chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide around 2007. We had been giving IV chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide to patients with immune diseases for many years, since I was young. […]

Consciousness brain network in humans

Morte e impunidade

The consciousness brain network has been the target of much scientific interest, which has grown as technology transfered the seat of consciousness from the heart to the head. Although arousal and wakefulness are parts of consciousness, their precise anatomy is surprisingly poorly understood, as emphasized by Fischer and colleagues in a paper in Neurology 2016, […]

Pranayama is a complex form of yoga

Pranayama is carefully defined as a complex form of yoga, which should be practiced only by those experienced in it and under the supervision of a guru. It is the one most prone to accidents, like pneumothorax. There are many different forms, all of them variations in breathing through varying techniques in aspiration and expiration, […]

The mystery of male baldness unfolds

The eternal problem of male baldness, impossible to deal even for the heir of the British kingdom, received a new and positive step towards the prospect of treatment in 2012. American scientists cited by Helen Briggs, the Health editor in the BBC News website, pinpointed a protein that triggers hair loss in a report in […]

To prolong healthy life use genetics and anthropology

prolong healthy life

In the subject of sciences that prolong healthy life, the first dimension we need to consider is spatial. A study published in PNAS in November 2015 by Lara M Cassidy et al, was summarized in the BBC and adapted on my twitter and facebook,. Essentially, we all come from a group of humans very much […]

Mechanisms to extend life and improve health

The bottom line of research on how to extend healthy life is that the length of our life and the time we spend healthy tend to vary together. That is, they improve together. As an example, metformin, a drug used clinically to lower blood sugar in diabetes, prolongs the length of life in the laboratory […]

Brain rejects negative over positive thoughts

We who deal with sick people always tell them that people tend to forget bad experiences, that the brain must have some mechanism to reject negative thoughts over postive thoughts. One reason optimists retain a positive outlook even in the face of evidence to the contrary has been discovered, say researchers. A study, published in […]