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Some 10 years ago we were first surprised by the link between regeneration and chemotherapy. Along with my team, I first realized patients displayed signs of rejuvenation after high dose chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide around 2007. We had been giving IV chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide to patients with immune diseases for many years, since I was young. A complication of one of these standard treatments, in 1997, lead to an explosion in this field.  The scientific publication in 2005 mentioned with emphasis the regenerative effect on the central nervous system of the high cyclophosphamide dose. Lesions of the cervical spinal cord disappeared and the patient, who had been paraplegic, had slowly started walking again, in these 8 years, slowly and progressively.

Up until 2008 we called the treatment Pré-transplante in Portuguese, as it was identical to what was used to stimulate the peripheral circulation of stem cells frm the bone marrow of that same person.  In marrow and stem cell transplant services the same treatment was used to collect stem cells for an auto-transplant. Very soon American neurologists showed it was possible to use a larger dose than we had used, with good safety and efficacy. We switched to the higher dose and called it Renova. Just by looking at patients we saw they  acquired “younger” hair and gums, beside their nervous and immune systems. When the clinic switched its name to Dimpna, we began to call the new treatment a Dimpna Renova.

Since then I have had to use my reduced gallic DNA, as Asterix and Obelix always said: “Our only fear is that the sky may fall on our heads”. And so  I have escaped all kinds of traps, national and international, even a beautiful mulatta, a young girl, really, at the kids clothing department of a shopping centre in New Orleans. Pregnant women, old women, incapacitaded women, the closest women of all in my personal and professional life, even catholic sisters. A financial trap at Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graças last week. But we survived, patients, my kids and myself; we are reaching 109 high dose procedures since they became routine in 2005. In fact 110 with the pioneer case in 1997. Patients in periodic pulse therapy are too many to count, seen almost daily at the clinic for decades.

These phehomena of regeneration and chemotherapy were totally new to me, and, as much as I could fathom, to Medicine as a whole. Regeneration and chemotherapy was something that nobody could expect to associate with rejuvenation. With the know how acquired and explained in the books Sklera and Chimera and Pseudoquimera e autoimunidade, ( e, I began to realize that patients undergoing long term periodic pulse chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide also displayed this regenerative effect of certain organs. To my knowledge it has not been explored or investigated. It is not a simple and direct phenomen that may be placed on sale at a shopping center. Firstly because it is a very old drug, cyclophosphamide. It has been on the market for more than 50 years. The reader may check Pubmed and Scielo data bases with my name. Second, there is little profit associated, it is a cheap drug. The only significant real long term side effect is female early menopause and consequent sterility. The female hormone may be replaced, but procreation depends on saving ovules. We may state with some certainty that males do not develop sterility.

A previously feared problem was accelerated aging and development of cancer, with deterioration of the telomeres. This is the result of intrigue. Furthermore, there is no cardiac toxicity. A cardiologist delayed the begining of our treatments at Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graças in 2005 due to this false allegation. Cardiac toxicity is observed with other chemotherapies, not with cyclophomide. The most impressive and beautiful detail, which leads to delirium in the opposition, is the fact that there is no need to inject anything in the patient apart from good old cyclophosphamide, which is not experimental, as it has been around for 50 years. Other support medications are also routine and well known. The patients’ bone marrow does the rest of the work. Regeneration and chemotherapy brings enough rejuvenation to “cure” some immune diseases, revert terminal renal damage, skin and and subcutaneous damage in dermatomyositis, skin and hair and gums in many patients. The effect on the myocardium in many international studies is impressive. Clearly, although not a shopping center panacea, it should be studied in detail.

But the most shocking effect of regeneration and chemotherapy is the improvement in immunity reported in the international media, which we have also observed. It is a consequence of regeneration within the immune system, of course, within and outside the bone marrow. People with multiple sclerosis have no urinary infections. A few AIDS cases were “cured” after a stem cell transplant carried out for a hematological disease. We have a case that was “cured” of hepatitis C. These are preliminary, episodic, but definitive observations. I recommend that people read my books Pseudoquimera e autoimunidade at, or the original Sklera and chimera  at, before taking litterally what is written on this brief and popular open media article, including the definitions of “cure”.

CP Schröder1, GBA Wisman2, S de Jong3, WTA van der Graaf1, MHJ Ruiters3, NH Mulder1, LFMH de Leij3, AGJ van der Zee2 and EGE de Vries1
Departments of Medical Oncology1, Gynecologic Oncology2, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine3, University Hospital Groningen, The Netherlands Telomere length in breast cancer patients before and after chemotherapy with or without stem cell transplantation. British Journal of Cancer (2001) 84(10), 1348–1353 © 2001 Cancer Research Campaign
doi: 10.1054/ bjoc.2001.1803, available online at on

Dr Paulo Bittencourt

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