When you come to Dimpna, make sure you are cared for in a manner that satisfies your needs, with the comfort that you expect. We are a small team devoted to diagnosis, investigation and treatment in the general field of child and adult Neurology. For many years our name was Clinical Neurology Unit. We are physicians and health specialists working with the nervous system. The consultation is the basic medical act, without which physicians are not allowed to produce prescriptions, opinions, declarations, reports or requests for treatment or investigation.

There are different formats of consultation, involving different people, time and costs. Besides doctors, other health professionals may perform evaluations. We are actively prepared for COVID 19, including patients who have suspicious symptoms. If that is your case, make an appointment as first medical consultation of complex patients below. As you know, less and less physicians are prepared to be paid by Brazilian health plans. With the fast changes that have made life very complex in the health field internationally, Dimpna came to offer the following forms of evaluation and consultation, of growing complexity:

  • Clinical nursing and physiotherapy evaluations, when diagnosis and medical therapy is not warranted. They may be isolated or followed by a medical consultation.
  • Periodic medical consultation, for patients under regular treatment, with appointments made in the previous consultation.
  • Occasional medical consultation, for patients under irregular care of the clinic.
  • Web-consultation is routine. Online appointmenthis are a useful tool for all patients. They may be carried out in your prefered platform. Medical reports, exam requests and prescriptions can be made online.
  • First medical consultation, of a new patient.
  • First medical consultation of complex new patients, when there are many exams to be carried out or reviewed, with necessity of priority in timing of appointments and need for early review.
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