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Check out some neurological news I drew out for you hot off the press:

Immunoglobulins do not work for Alzheimer`s. Although they are generally available and profitable and many would like them to work, they defintely have no effect in Alzheimer’s disease patients. It is definitive now, read the paper: Relkin NR, Thomas RG, Rissman RA, et al. Neurology 2017 Epub april 5

Alemtuzumab and natalizumab are more effective than fingolimod and interferon beta in preventing relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, and natalizumab is more effective than alemtuzumab in enabling recovery from disability after relapses. But the physician should allow the choice between ATZ and NTZ to be based on their safety profile. This was a study which obtained data from 71 centers in 21 countries between 2015-2016 and was published by Kalincik et al in Lancet Neurol 2017:16: 271-281.

Very comprehensive guidelines were published indicating that pregabalin and gabapentin, as well as capsaicin cream, dextromethorphan, nabilone, nabiximols, are not at all effective for painful peripheral diabetic neuropathy.  That of course will be very shocking to an enormous number of physicians of various specialities using these medications in an enormous number of patients. On a less tragic note, venlafaxin, duloxetin, botulinum toxin, oxcarbazepin, tryciclics, opioids, have limited effect. This was published by Waldfogel et al Neurology 2017 Epub 2017mar 24

Dr Paulo Bittencourt

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