COVID 19 health care and the economy in the near future

COVID 19 health care

COVID 19 health care is tightly linked to the economy. The magnitude of the event – the COVID 19 pandemic – in the recent history of humankind is becoming obvious to everyone everywhere. Even for those who to deny it, and who have slowed the understanding of the wider consequences. The Brazilian and American governments, […]

Ineffective treatments to be withdrawn by English health system

ineffective procedures

A total of 17 procedures have been considered ineffective treatments by NHS England, because they may be risky and replaced with improved results by physiotherapy, injections, or changes in diet. That is a conservative attitude, meaning that people may obtain the same result without undergoing more invasise procedures. These are mostly surgical and invasive procedures, […]

The mental state of Donald Trump is shocking and here with us

mental state of Donald Trump

The mental state of  Trump is shocking. There is a stark dissonance between reality and what comes out of his mouth. One possibility, of course, is that he is just play acting, as he has been for a long time. Throwing people towards one direction and leaving the way that he wants to thread free […]

Politics of human research depend on ethics and economics

politics of human research

Although the politics of human research were quite apparent as soon as I became involved with clinical pharmacology in the late 1970s, the stem cell question was beyond my vision in the 1990s. I had decided to go into Neurology in 1975 during medical school and ended up in epileptology because I was offered a […]