Child mental health and the relationship of mothers and infants

child mental health

It is obvious that child mental health is related to the environment. Mothers and infants form an equation that gives unexpected results. It appears to run in my family that the Bittencourt men have an easy way with young kids. So much so that I had a dozen godchildren before I turned 21. My father […]

Como educar chicos e niñas con empatia, escucha ativa e respeto

child mental health

Educar chicos e niñas com empatia, escucha ativa e respeto. Los pediatras de Estados Unidos quieren acabar con los azotes como método correctivo en las casas. La última actualización del protocolo de actuación, la primera que hacen en dos décadas, presentaron el pasado 5 de noviembre con el título: Disciplina efectiva para criar chicos e […]

Ambidextrous children may be of higher intelligence

ambidextrous children

Ambidextrous children, also called equipoised or two-handed, who have shared dominance, who can do things like writing and playing ball games with both hands, are likely to have learning difficulties at school, and to suffer of attention deficits. That was the finding of scientists from Imperial College London, who also found ambidextrous children more likely […]

Impact of maternal depression in pregnancy and childhood

Maternal depression and infancy

The impact of depression during pregnacy on infancy and childhood is not frequently studied. This is the abstract of the paper cited below. While maternal depression is known to carry long-term negative consequences for offspring, very few studies followed children longitudinally to address markers of resilience in the context. We focused on oxytocin (OT) and […]

The best School system in the various countries

The best school system in the world

The best school system in the various countries is a frequent international preocupation. None of the Latin American countries, their schools or education, appear in the top 20 countries listed in the global ranking discussed in an article on the BBC website on 27 November 2012 by Sean Coughlan, the news education correspondent. While the […]

Being bilingual boosts brain power

Learning a second language can boost brain power, scientists believe. US researchers from Northwestern University say bilingualism is a form of brain training – a mental “work out” that fine-tunes the mind. Speaking two languages profoundly affects the brain and changes how the nervous system responds to sound, lab tests revealed. Experts say the paper […]