About Dimpna

Dimpna is the new face, the new clothing, the new vehicle of the medical services offered to my patients. Our mission is the primary and comprehensive care of people with problems of the nervous system, making things easier while they stay under our care. We wish to emphasize care, respect and comfort in the handling of problems of general medicine, rehabilitation and neuropsychiatry of children and adults who come to our attention.

Dimpna is a pact with Diagnosis and Investigation, Medicine and Progress in Neurological Advances, a complex area linking biological with technological and human sciences, including Ethics and Philosophy.

Our commitment is the interest of the patient. Our tradition is sobriety making the right choices in the cascade of innovation and change that define health care. We are ever more immediately connected with information on the diagnosis and treatment of children and adults with severe problems of the nervous system. Our publications and educational activity warrant our long term participation in the production of new knowledge in various areas of Medicine, Psychology and Physiotherapy, including Bioethics, Neurology, Psychiatry, Neurophysiology, Clinical Pharmacology, Immunology and Imaging.

An ancient Nordic myth, Dimpna is a young saint in Belgium, of Irish origin, the patroness of people with nervous problems, paralysis and seizures, as well as of the people and places that look after them. She is the figure of our dedication to these people. The installations and the people at the clinic at Rua Padre Anchieta were modified so that in 2012 they offer access, mobility and housing to the people that look for our care.

Prof. Dr. Paulo Rogério Mudrovitsch de Bittencourt, PhD

Rua Padre Anchieta 155, 80410-030, Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil
41.32228801, dimpna.com

  • Medical Doctor, Federal University of Paraná, 1976
  • PhD in Neurology, University of London, 1981
  • Registered Specialist in Neurology, Child Neurology, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology; Regional Medical Councils of Paraná (CRM 5259) and Santa Catarina (CRM 7499)
  • Professor of Internal Medicine – Diseases of the Nervous System, Federal University of Paraná, 1991
  • Full Member of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology
  • Corresponding Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology
  • Member of the Medical Council of the Brazilian Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Benemerit Citizen of the State of Paraná (2008)